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Perchance to Dream
Perchance to Dream
Sadly, given the number of hits on the site, it is no longer cost effective to keep Dryer Space going so if you're wondering why you're getting a site not found error, that's why.

A big thanks to Alleyprowler who took over maintenance and hosting of Dryer Space when I was unable to continue, and to everyone who was a part of it.

Hopefully a lot of the stories are still able to be found elsewhere on the net, but it feels in a way like the end of an era.

It's been a good ride, but I think the decision was a sensible one.


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This LJ is now friends only. Big thanks to lil_1337 for the cool banner

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As explained a few posts back I'm culling my friends list for personal reasons - or will be over the next few days as time permits - so if you would like to stay and find I've unfriended you please drop me a line either here, IM or email. I just don't have the time anymore to keep up so if we've drifted apart and haven't talked for a long time or haven't talked, that's probably why rather than anything personal.
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